Magic Chocolate Sundae!

12 Feb

What a great idea, in time for Valentine’s Day!

(This video may not be visible on some browsers sometimes…. Try Firefox, or go here.


Smile of the Day: “Corona” in Bogota

15 Oct

My husband travels a lot for work. Recently, during a trip to Bogota, Columbia, he sent me this photo along with the comment,


I have a constant urge to drink a Corona every time I use the restroom…..



Smile of the Day: Vermont spices

29 Sep



Smile of the Day: The Shelburne Country Store in Shelburne, Vermont sells some cheeky spices!


Smile of the Day: Boudin Bakery Sourdough Crocodile

11 Jun


Boudin Crocodile - people apparently actually buy themSmile of the Day: Boudin Bakery in San Francisco makes sourdough loaves shaped like all kinds of animals, including this crocodile.

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