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Authentic Vietnamese: Pho Basil

8 Jul

Pho Basil (Boston, MA) is a small, unassuming restaurant in the Back Bay area that serves beautifully presented, authentic Vietnamese and Thai dishes. The staff is friendly and the food arrives quickly. The place is clean and bright, but like many good Boston-area restaurants, tables are small.

Calamari ($7) is perfectly crispy, served on a bed of fried wonton strips:

The Vietnamese crepe ($8) is a very thin, slightly crispy sheet folded over pork, onions and bean sprouts, served with a delicious ginger sauce:

Mango duck ($15) is a crispy fried duck, served with an assortment of bright vegetables, mango chunks, and a mango sauce. It’s topped with delightful, lightly- fried basil:

The bottom line: Pho Basil is a great place for a casual meal. You can easily fill your tummy without breaking the bank.

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