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Fancypants Winter S’mores

14 Feb

This is why toaster ovens rule

I love my toaster oven. In the middle of winter, it’s great for making s’mores in only a few minutes. (Try starting a campfire in such little time!)

On aluminum foil, set a piece of chocolate on a graham cracker square (I prefer Nabisco Honey Maid graham crackers). And for something a little more interesting than plain dark chocolate, I like to use a Ghirardelli chocolate square filled with raspberry or caramel. It’s the perfect shape and size for a s’more!


Place a marshmallow on top of the chocolate and broil in a toaster oven until the marshmallow puffs up and the top is a deep golden brown (about 4 minutes).


Top with a second graham cracker, smoosh down the marshmallow a little bit, and voila! A decadent s’more, made in just minutes with a toaster oven!


I’d say this makes a pretty good Valentine’s Day treat, don’t you think?

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