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Fantastic Beer, Misleading Food: Heist Brewery

28 Mar

In the middle of Black Friday, at a random time between meals (3 pm in the afternoon), my husband and I wandered into Heist Brewery for some drinks and to grab a snack. The place was fairly quiet and empty, and we sat in the main space.

He ordered the pint on the right – Wheat Me Baby, an easy drinking wheat beer.DSC01343

For Black Friday, Heist offered a flight of small batch beers with a coffee theme, like Nova’s Bakery Chocolate Caramel Truffle, a Russian Imperial stout (9.1% ABV) and the Central Coffee Ethiopian Guji, an American IPA (6.4% ABV).  Yum. Heist has some pretty fantastic and beers.


Now here’s the misleading food: Rosemary Parmesan tater tots

DSC01346As a side dish for $4, I expected enough tater tots to share. But there were only four to an order. Though they are delicate and flavourful, with made-from scratch shredded potatoes, they still felt like a rip off. A heist indeed.

We came back to Heist Brewery on a Saturday night. It was busy and incredibly loud due to a football game on the screens. The noise was on the verge of being annoying due to the repeated chanting and screaming of the fans. If you’re not a football fan, don’t go to Heist on game day.

Fantastic beer: I ordered another beer flight and discovered one of my favorite Heist beers: Cross-Pollen Nation, an American stout brewed with Belgian yeast. It’s smooth, with hints of chocolate and in my opinion, coffee, even though the flavours are supposed to be fig and plum.

DSC01364“Burger Burger Burger”

Misleading food: For our entrees (or so we thought), we each ordered “the Burger.” (priced like an entree). The server did not indicate that we would not be getting regular-sized burgers, but three sliders. I’m not sure if I was supposed to understand that from the name of the entree (“Burger Burger Burger”), but the description made no indication of mini burgers!

Still, these sliders were delish. I ordered the “burger” medium-well and my husband ordered his medium. Both our plates came out perfectly. The jalapeno jelly, creamy goat cheese, spinach, and little brioche buns made for some pretty gourmet sliders. Too bad they didn’t come with fries.

 DSC01357Salmon tacos on “sticky bun” shells beat my expectations:  Excellent marinated sashimi tuna on crispy Asian-style buns

The Final Word: Definitely come for the beer. The food is good but a bit pricey for the portion size.

Info: Heist Brewery, 2909 N. Davidson Street #200, Charlotte, NC 28205 USA

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Best Value All-You-Can-Eat Sushi in Boston

23 Nov

Yamato Restaurant, Allston/Brighton

I‘ve lost count of the number of times I’ve been to Yamato. When my boyfriend and I are craving lots of sushi, Yamato is our go-to place. An all-you-can-eat sushi dinner for the two of us runs only about $50. The sushi is made to order, not sitting out in a buffet, and the quality is much better. Of course, for smaller appetites, you can order a-la-carte from the regular menu.

Yamato Sushi

Yamato has its hits and a few misses; after a couple of visits, I figured out exactly what to order, and what to avoid. Overall, appetizers are great. We always order miso soup, steamed pork gyoza, seaweed salad, and vegetarian spring rolls. The thinly sliced fried lotus roots are also yummy – I don’t know of any other place where you can order fried lotus roots! The one appetizer that is often a miss is the agedashi tofu – sometimes the fried batter is really thick, or, more often, the tofu is drenched and soggy in a deep pool of broth.

Nigiri sushi comes with decent sized pieces of fish – the tamago, inari, and bbq eel nigiri are pictured above. Hand rolls are a tad heavy on the rice, but are also quite generous with the fish, and topped with crunchy tempura bits. There is a large selection of maki rolls, from the simple salmon and spicy tuna maki, to rainbow, caterpillar, and dynamite rolls. For an extra dollar per roll, you can order “special” rolls like the heart-shaped “Lover’s Roll” (above).


Yamato has a good selection of sashimi. We usually order the salmon, red and white tuna, and mackerel. Only once did we hit a snag – the red tuna was a strange, bright pink colour and the texture was a bit grainy, as if the fish had been recently defrosted.  A regular occurrence however, is what I call the fluke/bass black hole: whenever I order fluke and bass sashimi, only half an order of one of them shows up. I never receive both. Oh well, stick to the other choices, I guess.


For dessert, order plain green tea or vanilla ice cream. Skip the fried  deep fried version or the fried bananas, as they are coated in thick batter like the agedashi tofu. Anyway, if you order right, you should be too full from sushi to even think about dessert!

The Final Word: Come here to fill up on loads of sushi and sashimi brought to your table!

Info: Yamato Restaurant, 117 Chiswick Rd, Boston, MA, USA

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