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Salsa Standoff

7 Jul

Trader JoesMy guy and I eat Mexican food fairly often – quesadillas are easy to make at home, and anything with cheese is delicious. That’s why finding a great salsa is so important.

Trader Joe’s Spicy Smoky Peach Salsa – The first ingredient is tomato puree – take that as a warning sign. It tastes just like tomato sauce, not salsa. Were there peaches in this? Hard to tell. 1/5

Stonewall Kitchen Peach Mango Salsa (medium) – large chunks (an inch long) of sweet peaches and mango balanced the spiciness of the rest of the salsa.  Like most Stonewall Kitchen products, this salsa is slightly pricier than its competitors.  3.5/5

Hedgies Mild Salsa – I bought this at the Farmer’s Market, eager to support local businesses. This salsa is perfectly mild, just like the label says. A good balance of tomato, green peppers, and onion but not particularly memorable. It’s good as a topping on grilled chicken and other hot dishes, but it’s not exactly the refreshing salsa I’d normally put on Mexican food. 3/5 Hedgie's

Archer Farms Pineapple Salsa – claims to be mild, but it’s spicy enough to be medium. There are small cubes of what might be pineapple. In fact, jalapeño peppers are listed ahead of pineapples on the ingredients list. Good balance with tomato flavour. 3.5/5

Paino Organics Number 9 Salsa (mild) – A very hearty salsa, so-named because it has at least nine different veggies. There are tons of tomatoes, onion, and four types of peppers. A good blend of spices makes this salsa stand out. 4/5

Desert PepperDesert Pepper Peach Mango Salsa (medium hot) – Great on chips, burritos, and other TexMex dishes. Not too spicy. Chunky, with good-sized chunks of tomatoes and peaches. However, this salsa loses one point because the peaches are canned, and the salsa’s sweetness comes from the syrup, not from the peaches themselves. 4/5

Drew’s Organic Salsa (mild) – Thick and chunky, just as the label claims. The ingredients are diced up just enough so that the texture is consistently thick, and not interrupted by large vegetable chunks. Not too spicy, with a lot of tomato and onion flavour, and a hint of cumin.  4/5

The Final Word: Lots of great salsa choices, but I’m still looking for one that will be amazing enough to give it a perfect 5.

Fish tacos at Border Cafe

21 Jun

Border Cafe (Cambridge, MA) makes great swordfish tacos. The grilled avocado is deliciously sweet (grilling an avocado – how genius is that?!), and is topped with a summery mango salsa. On weekends, there always seems to be a crowd waiting outside this restaurant, but the line moves quickly and the food is well worth the wait.

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