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Delicious Mexican: Tu Y Yo, Somerville

17 Aug

When a Mexican colleague recommended Tu Y Yo, my boyfriend and I knew we had to try it. On a Sunday night, the place was not nearly full, but it sounded like several patrons were regulars. Don’t let the plain decor fool you – this place serves seriously great-tasting food.

Tu Y Yo - empanadas - plantain turnovers filled with cheeseWe started with the empanadas – three hot plantain turnovers, crispy on the outside, their sweetness balanced by the gooey cheese inside. We shied away from the empanadas de chicharron de chapulin – turnovers filled with fried grasshoppers. I’m not that adventurous…. but the fact that they’re on the menu kind of validated the restaurant’s authenticity for me.

Tu Y Yo - tamalesThe tamale appetizer came with one chicken, one corn, one coconut, one fish, and one pork tamale, each stuffed into corn dough, and wrapped and steamed in banana leaves. I couldn’t pick out my favourite – they were all so good!

Tu Y Yo - salmonFor our entrees, my boyfriend ordered the pan fried Atlantic salmon in a creamy guajillo sauce with fantastic chipotle-potato and shrimp cakes. I couldn’t stop myself from stealing bites of those shrimp cakes.

Tu Y Yo- Chile Relleno En NogadaI had the chile relleno – a mild poblano pepper stuffed with ground beef, almonds, raisins, peaches and cheese, covered in a creamy and nutty sauce with pomegranate seeds and cilantro.

IMAG2642Everything is delicious here, including the black beans and rice!

Tu Y Yo - avocado cheesecakeThe avocado cheesecake was a unique dessert. It’s a creamy pie on a crunchy graham-cracker crust, topped with crushed pistachios. I must admit, I found it a bit difficult to taste the avocado.

The Final Word: Appetizers and entrees shine with layers of flavour at Tu Y Yo. This is absolutely fantastic Mexican cuisine in a modest but friendly atmosphere.

Info: Tu Y Yo, 858 Broadway, Somerville, MA 02144 USA

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Delightful Argentinian: Porteño, New York City

14 Sep

Right near the north end of the Highline Park in Chelsea, there is a little gem of an Argentinian restaurant called Porteño. We arrived early on a Saturday evening so we easily grabbed a table in the small restaurant. By the time we left, the place was quickly filling up. And no wonder – Porteño serves delicious, beautifully plated food at reasonable prices.

grilled octopusThe signature appetizer special: grilled octopus over an arugula, tomato, and orange salad. The octopus was so tender and crisp.

IMAG1329Three empanadas: the sanjuanina with spinach and manchego cheese, the jujeña with corn and onions, and my favourite – the salteña, with beef scallions, and red pepper.

IMAG1330The jujeña: chopped corn and onions stuffed in a delicate but crispy, thin pastry envelope.

filet mignonFilet Mignon special, with asparagus spears, roasted red pepper, mushrooms, and creamed corn.

salmon and quinoaA  large tower of creamy quinoa salad, made with romaine lettuce, avocado, cucumber, grape tomatoes, string beans, served with cubes of perfectly grilled salmon.

I can’t wait to return to Porteño. I’ll have to make sure to save room next time for something off the mouth-watering dessert list!

Info: Porteño, 299 10th Ave, New York, NY, 10001, USA

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Fancy Food at The Mistral: Boston Restaurant Week 2012

14 Sep

Last month, my boyfriend and I put on our fancy clothes to go out for a fancy date night at a place priced a little fancier than our typical meals. It was Boston Restaurant Week, and for $33.12, you score a three-course meal at the kind of place that cleans up the crumbs on your tablecloth between courses.

The Mistral (223 Columbus Ave., Boston, MA), with its clean white walls, high ceilings, and tall windows, has an air of relaxed sophistication. Our meal started with a sourdough loaf that was nicely crusty on the outside while soft on the inside. Unfortunately, most Boston-area restaurants don’t seem to believe in warm bread. So the loaf was served at room temperature, but with a yummy garlic-hummus spread as well as butter.

As an appetizer, the bf had the chilled corn and avocado chowder. It was deliciously creamy, with a good-sized lump of crab meat at the center. Refreshing.

My salmon tartare was served on an avocado “salad” – finely chopped avocado with cilantro – and served with a light soy vinaigrette. The presentation was elegant, but there was too much vinaigrette, overpowering the delicate flavor of the raw salmon.

Bf’s steak (not pictured) was perfectly cooked – melt-in-your mouth perfect!

I had the Scottish grilled salmon Niçoise (below, shown with a shared side of garlic spinach). The salmon was served with its crispy skin. I usually don’t enjoy salmon skin, but this was delicious. The fish flaked apart nicely on my fork. A bed of French beans, tiny white and purple potatoes, and red onion made this entree complete. Throughout our meal, we had attentive service even though the staff was very busy – Because of Restaurant Week, the place was completely full.

Dessert was a Devil’s food cake with subtle pistachio ice cream, cherry sauce, and a delicate pistachio biscotti crisp on top. The cake itself was not as moist as I would have liked, but the chocolate flavour paired well with the ice cream. I enjoyed my cake with Earl grey tea loose leaf, which arrived in a French press, served with warmed milk!

Final Word: We had a wonderful dining experience at The Mistral, with beautifully plated food and great service. Definitely recommended for date night!

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