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Best Pizza Around Boston: Max & Leo’s

13 Jul

I don’t even know if I should be sharing this with you. I’ve found the absolute best pizza I’ve had on this continent, and it’s just outside Boston. Many places will boast they have the best pizza – “authentic Italian”, they might say, or “artisan thin-crust,” if they’re hipsters. But often, their pizza dough is too dry and chewy, the whole pie is plain greasy on the bottom, or maybe the crust is so thin that each slice flops over under the weight of a few toppings. Then there are those pizza joints that skimp on the toppings and try to fill you up with a thick crust. Max and Leo’s pizza is none of those things.

Max & Leo's pizza

The restaurant is tiny, with a few bar seats and table seating for only 6 people. The very first time I went there, we were lucky enough to get a table for the three of us. We ordered the L’Umina – a white olive oil pizza with prosciutto, sliced pears, caramelized onions, shreds of basil, dabs of ricotta cheese, and drizzled with a little honey. This creative pizza is absolutely delicious!

IMAG2495Max & Leo’s doesn’t deliver, and they are not open late – closing 9 pm, even on Saturday nights (and at 8 pm on Sundays). But when you make pizza this good, you don’t need long hours, and hungry diners will always come to you. Now, whenever I crave pizza, I stop by Max & Leo’s for takeout.  The secret’s out – they are always packed. Each time I go, the seats are filled and there’s a line of patrons waiting to pick up their pizzas.

Max and Leo's - JuliannThe Juliann pizza (above) is my boyfriend’s favorite, with sopressata, jalapeno peppers, and strips of roasted red pepper over tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese. (This time the crust was more burnt than usual.)

IMAG2499Usually, the crust is a perfect golden brown. It’s thin but stiff enough to hold the toppings, with a springy, poofy edge to hold on to as you eat. Normally, I don’t like eating pizza crusts, but I can’t get enough of Max and Leo’s chewy crust.

IMAG2501The L’Oscar pizza is another one of my favorites – it’s a white olive oil pizza with Italian sausage, caramelized onions, flavourful wild mushrooms, mascarpone and  mozzarella cheese. Sometimes we get the Brooksy, which comes with grilled chicken instead of Italian sausage, and we ask them to add tomato sauce as well.

Well, there you have it. I’ve let you in on my favourite pizza joint! Of course, I’d love to hear about your favourites too!

Info: Max and Leo’s, 325 Washington Street, Newton, MA 

Max and Leo's Artisan Pizza on Urbanspoon

The Most Impressive Apple Strudel

25 Aug

I’ve never actually had an apple strudel while in Germany, but I had a slice after dinner once in nearby Czech Republic. It was very good….but not nearly as astonishing as the strudel I ate in Hong Kong.

Stanley is a touristy destination in Hong Kong, and the Victorian-era Murray House is one of its main attractions.  We decided to stop by the King Ludwig Beerhall at the Murray House for an afternoon snack. I really wasn’t expecting much from a German restaurant in such a touristy Hong Kong spot, but I was blown away. I ordered the apple strudel, which is intended to be shared by 2-3 people (or for one gluttonous American to devour alone).

Apple strudel

This two-inch high slice of strudel was jam-packed with apple slices, inside the perfectly crispy exterior. A yummy vanilla sauce filled the rest of the large plate.


Afternoon Tea Sets are very common in Hong Kong, and the Beerhall offered a Set for two. This included two savory snacks, two desserts, and two drinks.

Afternoon tea set at King Ludwig

Two small fruit-topped cheesecakes, part of the Afternoon Tea Set:


The Beerhall has ample outdoor seating with unobstructed views of the water. For a true “beer hall” atmosphere, however, head inside where you’ll find rows and rows of beer steins lining the bar.

King Ludwig Beerhall

I can’t speak for the rest of the menu, but when it comes to apple strudel, this beer hall can’t be beat!


Info: King Ludwig Beerhall. Shop 202, Murray House, Stanley Plaza, Hong Kong, China.

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