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Busy Foodie is on the Move

23 May

Where is home base for the Busy Foodie anyway? Everywhere! Kidding. I love to travel, so you’ve seen posts of restaurants all over the continent, with a few reviews of restaurants from further abroad too. But up until now, you might have noticed that a large portion of restaurant reviews have been of establishments in New England. I’ve also been a little MIA lately – that’s because I’ve been busy with my relocation to the MidWest. I hope you’ll continue reading though – perhaps you’ll come across a gem to keep in mind in case you find you find yourself in the area. And of course I’ll continue sharing favourite recipes and other food- and drink-related finds I discover.


How about let’s kick off the warmer weather with some ice cream tasting? I stumbled upon an Oberweis Ice Cream and Dairy Store in Chicago (3055 N. Sheffield Avenue, and several other locations) and just had to try their limited edition Pistachio ice cream. It was absolutely delicious, creamy, and full pistachios. And, all natural pistachio flavoured things aren’t bright green… this ice cream is a tan/yellow kind of colour.

For added fun, some of the tables at Oberweis are printed with chess boards, and the chess pieces are neatly lined up, and ready for you to play!

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