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Authentic but Average Korean: Seoul House, Toronto

15 Jun

IMG_0084We dropped in on Seoul House (3220 Dufferin St., Toronto) for lunch, because we were in the area and needed to grab a quick meal. It was a Wednesday, just 10 minutes after the restaurant’s opening hours, but there were already patrons at a couple tables.

Our meal kicked off with miso soup and Korean banchan: kimchi (not too spicy), julienned potatoes, sauteed greens, peanuts with crunchy anchovies and sweetened (way more delicious than it sounds), and strands of tofu.

Seoul House, Toronto

The menu has both Korean and Japanese offerings, but given that the owners are Korean, we chose only Korean selections. Lunch specials include a selection of Bento boxes.The bulgogi beef was tender and delicious, served with salad, yams, glass noodles, and white rice.

Bento - with bulgogi

On the other hand, the stone pot bibimbap was disappointing. There were lots of vegetables, but so little beef – maybe a teaspoon’s worth.

Seoul House - stone bowl bibimbap

Overall, we had a reasonably priced, reasonably filling meal. However, given the large selection of ethnic restaurants in Toronto, I don’t feel compelled to come back.

Below: Noodles in soup topped with egg and seaweed.


Seoul House on Urbanspoon

Info: Seoul House, 3220 Dufferin St., Toronto, ON, Canada

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