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Late Nite Funky Tacos: Velvet Taco, Chicago

26 Sep

Maybe it’s 2 AM and after several rounds of cocktails, your stomach is growling. Or perhaps date night at a fancy but overpriced River North restaurant didn’t fill you up. Not to worry, the Texas transplant, Velvet Taco, saves the night. They’re open til at least midnight each night, and until 4 AM on Fridays and Saturdays.


Ironically, the velvet cake is probably the least appetizing thing there (and slightly out of place save for the restaurant’s name). Stick with the tacos, which you order individually.


Everything is yummy, seriously. You can’t go wrong! Here’s the delish fish taco:


This is casual and funky fast food, people. Don’t expect authentic Mexican here, but do expect awesome combinations of ingredients inspired by different cuisines, like Indian tikka chicken, Israeli couscous, Southern shrimp and grits, and Cuban pork. Have I made you hungry yet?

Velvet tacos

Info: Velvet Taco, 1110 N. State Street, Chicago, IL 60610, USA

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