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Huge Portions: Kolbeh of Kabob, Cambridge

11 May

I was craving Middle Eastern food, so my boyfriend and I decided to try Kolbeh of Kabob in Cambridge. It’s a small restaurant with plain decor. Booths line two sides of the restaurant, and tables fill in the rest. A rose at each table had seen better days.

Kolbeh of KebabThe complimentary hummus and bread came out quickly. It reminded me of my own hummus – with garlic and cumin, and topped with paprika.


We ordered the Kask-Bademjoon appetizer, a warm melange of sauteed eggplant, caramelized onions, garlic, and fried mint, topped with sour cream. It was served with what seemed like an unending pile of home-made wheat taftoon bread cut into triangles. The server was very attentive, making sure that we were enjoying our food.

Kolbeh of Kebab - Ash Rehshteh (soup)The best part of our meal was probably the Ash Rehshteh soup with rehshteh noodles, pinto beans, lentils, vegetables, kashik, garlic, and mint. It was fairly thick, almost creamy, and tasted amazing! Definitely a unique combination of flavours that I don’t often experience.

IMAG2350My boyfriend had the Adas Polo – basmati rice layered with raisins, lentils, dates, and saffron, and served with a skewer of tender, lemony chicken breast. We only wished that the knives were better than just butter knives.  It was rather difficult to cut the chicken even though it was so tender. We added a side of vegetables, which turned out to be one grilled tomato, green peppers, and a lot of grilled onions.


I had the Beef Soltani – one skewer of kubideh (ground sirloin marinated in grated onion and house spices) and one skewer of barg (an incredibly tender marinated beef tenderloin skewer). The entree was so enormous, it could serve two people! Unfortunately, it came lukewarm.

The Final Word: Kolbeh of Kabob serves huge portions of terrifically marinated meats. You can definitely get your fill of Middle Eastern food here.

Food: 3.7/5 | Atmosphere: 3/5 | Value: 4/5

Info: Kolbeh of Kabob, 1500 Cambridge Street, Cambridge, MA 02139 USA

Kolbeh of Kabob on Urbanspoon

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