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Great Mole, but Skip Everything Else – New Rebozo, Chicago

4 Jul

Based on good Yelp reviews and a recommendation from a colleague, hubby and I decided to check out New Rebozo. Let’s start with the highs of the dining experience. Or should I say the “high”, singular. That was the mole fiesta, a plate of six enchiladas each covered with a different mole sauce. From left to right: classic chipotle chocolate, pumpkin, cinnamon, macadamia, guava, almond. My favorites were the pumpkin and the chipotle. The guava was to sweet for me but my husband really liked it. Overall, a very rich, filling, beautiful, and delicious entree.


Now on to the rest: The guacamole was good, but overpriced at $10 for an ice cream scoop-sized serving. And , my husband’s famous guac is better.

New Robozo - guacamole


Shrimp ceviche was beautifully presented, but otherwise nothing to write home about.

New Robozo - ceviche


The chicken tortilla soup was beautifully presented, but odd – everything was arranged in the bowl, sans broth at first. And then the server poured into the bowl at our table…while the micromanaging chef/owner presided, providing additional instructions to the nervous server in Spanish. Somehow, the soup did actually pack some flavor, but it wasn’t really my style I prefer my own chicken tortilla soup recipe! (To be posted next week!)

New Rebozo - chicken tortilla soup

Speaking of the chef/owner – he greeted us as we entered the restaurant, and introduced himself again soon after we sat down. Hubby thought his white chef’s jacket was  too pristine – should it not be slightly stained from an evening’s work in the kitchen? But Chef was busy showing of menu items to us and other diners on a tablet. Certainly a tad unconventional but not a huge deal.

What was a bigger deal was the huge disappointment named Shrimp Tacos – the shrimp were overdone and rubbery, the tortillas were stiff and stale, and there was too much green sauce – perhaps an attempt to moisten the hard tortillas.

New Rebozo - shrimp tacos

Meanwhile, the chef/owner stopped by our table to check in with us constantly – Yes, we’re having a fine time, yes, the soup is fine, ok,  I already shook your hand three times already, and can I please just get back to a conversation with my husband?

So, at the end of our constantly-interrupted, meal, we weren’t really craving dessert. But by “Checking in” on Yelp, we could redeem a complimentary jalapeno ice cream.  It turned out to be a chocolate ice cream with a spicy kick. It was unique, but honestly, I’d prefer just a plain chocolate ice cream. I didn’t get much out of the spicy, burning sensation in my throat.


The Final Word: Overall, the moles were delicious, but everything else was forgettable – I’d certainly like to forget the strange service at this place. 


Info: New Rebozo, 46 E Superior Street, Chicago, IL, 60611 USA

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Magic Chocolate Sundae!

12 Feb

What a great idea, in time for Valentine’s Day!

(This video may not be visible on some browsers sometimes…. Try Firefox, or go here.

Small Batch Ice Cream: Village Ice Cream, Calgary

25 Jul

One of the best things about being a grown-up is being able to eat absolutely anything you want, such as ice cream for dinner. So that’s exactly what I did. I headed to Village Ice Cream, just south of Calgary’s up-and-coming East Village neighbourhood. Its entrance is off a parking lot in an industrial area on 10th Avenue. This is not exactly where you’d expect to find an ice cream shop – across the street from a substation, with high voltage warnings on the fence. But the smell of handmade waffle cones wafting through the parking lot let you know you’ve come to the right place.

Line at Village Ice Cream
With a long line out the door, you know this is the place to get your small batch, artisanal ice cream fix. Flavours like cardamom, Phil & Sebastian coffee (Phil & Sebastian is a local coffee roaster), maple pecan, and salted caramel all sounded so delicious, I couldn’t decide on just one. I opted for a scoop of Earl Grey and a scoop of one of the seasonal flavours, strawberry lemon basil. Both were sooo good, creamy, and intensely flavourful. The strawberry lemon basil elevates the familiar childhood strawberry flavour into something refreshing – you’ll find bits of basil and lemon rind throughout. Yum! This is definitely some of the best ice cream I’ve tasted.

Two Scoops


There’s not a lot of seating at Village Ice Cream, so follow the locals to the steps overlooking 4th Street where you can watch traffic go by below, with a view of the Saddledome to the south (it beats sitting at the edge of the parking lot!)

Tip: If you’re buying pints of ice cream, you can skip the line!

Info: Village Ice Cream, 431 10 Avenue SE, Calgary, AB T2G 0W3  Canada (there are two other locations in Calgary)

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Busy Foodie is on the Move

23 May

Where is home base for the Busy Foodie anyway? Everywhere! Kidding. I love to travel, so you’ve seen posts of restaurants all over the continent, with a few reviews of restaurants from further abroad too. But up until now, you might have noticed that a large portion of restaurant reviews have been of establishments in New England. I’ve also been a little MIA lately – that’s because I’ve been busy with my relocation to the MidWest. I hope you’ll continue reading though – perhaps you’ll come across a gem to keep in mind in case you find you find yourself in the area. And of course I’ll continue sharing favourite recipes and other food- and drink-related finds I discover.


How about let’s kick off the warmer weather with some ice cream tasting? I stumbled upon an Oberweis Ice Cream and Dairy Store in Chicago (3055 N. Sheffield Avenue, and several other locations) and just had to try their limited edition Pistachio ice cream. It was absolutely delicious, creamy, and full pistachios. And, all natural pistachio flavoured things aren’t bright green… this ice cream is a tan/yellow kind of colour.

For added fun, some of the tables at Oberweis are printed with chess boards, and the chess pieces are neatly lined up, and ready for you to play!

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