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Dip into Disappointment: The Melting Pot, Framingham

16 Feb

The Melting Pot’s slogan is “Dip into something different.” Maybe they think that “different” means “surprisingly terrible.” I had previously been to the Melting Pot in Sarasota, Florida, and had a great time, so I thought I knew what to expect here. I knew that portions would be on the  smaller side, but I had no idea how much The Melting Pot in Framingham (92 Worcester Road, Framingham, MA) could butcher a dining experience.

It was a mistake to purchase a Groupon – $45 for a three-course meal for two people. I always wondered if customers are treated more poorly when they use a Groupon. The Melting Pot in Framingham seemed to confirm my suspicions. Unless they treat all their patrons this terribly.

We arrived right on time, to find no one at the hostess stand. We stood around awkwardly for 10 minutes, as the bartender and a couple waitresses glanced our way, but otherwise ignored us. Finally, the host arrived, mildly apologetically, and seated us at a cozy little booth toward the back of the restaurant. “Your server will be right with you!” he said.

15 minutes later, we still sat twiddling our thumbs, without even glasses of water. I happened to catch the attention of another waiter, who took our drink orders and set off to find our waitress.  Another 5 minutes later, our waitress finally made an appearance, sans drinks. She had not communicated with the previous waiter, so we had to place our order a second time.

Melting Pot: Spinach artichoke cheese fondue

Thankfully, service for the rest of the meal was fine. I will even admit that having the waitress prepare the spinach artichoke cheese fondue at our table was fun, and the fondue itself was delicious. This was the highlight of our meal. We dipped cubed bread, apple slices, broccoli, cauliflower, and baby carrots into the bubbling cheese.

Unfortunately, The meal quickly went downhill. The Groupon was strategically vague about the entree, and it turned out that my boyfriend and I had to share one measly entree platter. There were only four little cheese ravioli’s on this platter!

Meat platter

The entree came with a bowl of potatoes, broccoli, and mushrooms, but the mushrooms were unwashed. Yuck!

Melting Pot: dirty mushrooms

To top it all off, it got increasingly loud in the area in which we were seated. It sounded as if heavy equipment was being constantly dragged across a floor, on the other side of the wall behind us. This was not a romantic experience at all. Including the 18% mandatory tip on the arbitrary value assigned to this poor excuse for a meal, the total cost of this disaster was about $65.

This is the last time I will ever dine at any Melting Pot location, and the last time I will purchase a restaurant Groupon.

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