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Fresh fried donuts in Istanbul

17 Oct

A thing to do in Istanbul, Turkey (as suggested by a couple tourist guides), is to enjoy fish sandwiches on the quay near the Galata Bridge. Small sandwich shops with bright coloured lights line the water. The fish is grilled on the boats directly behind the shop. However, I spotted quite a bit of garbage floating in the water by these boats, where fishing lines were being thrown. So I didn’t eat a fish sandwich.


I did however, order some freshly fried donuts! About one euro gets you five light and airy pillows tossed in honey. Yum!! Pretty sure these are my favourite donuts ever – so simple, unpretentious, delicious.


Small crowds gather to watch the chefs turn handfuls of bubbling batter into small donuts that take shape immediately after being thrown into the hot oil. These donuts really sell like hotcakes, so you’re guaranteed to get a fresh batch!


Wish we could get some of this awesome street food here in America!

Tale of Two Boston Bakeries

28 Feb

Here are two bakeries on opposite sides of the Charles River, both offering delicious goodies!

Paris Baguette is inside H Mart in Central Square, so it’s no surprise that there are Asian influences.  It’s like Hong Kong meets Paris – you’ll find red bean-filled donuts alongside baguettes, as well as some truly American concoctions like cream cheese donuts and croissant donuts.


As it turns out, Paris Baguette is part of an large Korean conglomerate and is expanding its American presence. I’m not a fan of chains, but I can’t deny that these treats satisfied my sweet tooth.

  Inside a green bean bun:DSC00904

Chocolate bread….MMmmmmm!!DSC00907

Info: Paris Baguette, 581 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02139 USA

SwissBakers has two locations, one in Allston and one in Reading. I visited the Allston location on Western Avenue near Harvard Business School. It’s a modern, IKEA-like space with big windows. There’s plenty of seating both inside and out on the patio (when it’s warm enough). Another big bonus: a parking lot!

Here’s the box full of Euro-treats I got: almond, chocolate and spinach croissants, a raspberry Berliner, a chocolate chip bun, and a pear and cheese tart. The tart has a shortbread crust and is topped with thinly sliced pears. Somehow, its flavour reminds me of Chinese egg tarts (which are also very yummy).


Inside a raspberry Berliner:

Swissbakers: BerlinerThe Berliner is slightly crisp on the outside with granulated and powdered sugar, but light and springy inside, with raspberry filling. I like that it’s not too sweet.

 Cheese and spinach croissant, flaky and stuffed with spinach!DSC01915

Both these bakeries deserve return visits!

Info: Swissbakers, 168 Western Avenue, Boston, MA 02134 USA

Swissbäkers on Urbanspoon


Brenda’s French Soul Food

18 Jan

Line outside Brenda's French Soul Food, Tenderloin

Sunday in the city means brunch! One of San Francisco’s best brunch spots is Brenda’s French Soul Food. Though its location may be questionable (in the Tenderloin district), its brunch is not – check out the cluster of hungry, waiting patrons.


Just inside Brenda’s main doors is a huge blackboard, handy for seeing how many diners are ahead of you in line. Our wait for a party of 2 was 45 minutes. The restaurant is divided into two long sections with high ceilings, each with its own entrance. Once seated, AW and I each ordered the morning’s drink special –  passionfruit mimosas! Delicious.

The top portion of Brenda’s brunch menu is devoted to beignets, so AW and I ordered the beignet flight – a sampler the includes one each of Brenda’s four beignets (plain, chocolate, Granny Smith apple, and crawfish). Warning: these beignets are full size donuts, not dainty little donut holes.

Beignet sampler

The beignets themselves were not as light an fluffy as I had expected. They were denser, much like Chinese donuts often served with rice congee, so they were really quite filling. The plain beignet wasn’t particularly memorable, but the savory crawfish version was creamy and unique. Because we wanted to save room for our entrees, we didn’t try the chocolate and apple beignets, and got them packed up to go.


AW had the shrimp and cheddar grits:

Shrimp and Grits

I had the catfish Benedict on cream  biscuits with creole hollandaise, with a huge portion of potato hash. Mmmm…DSC01220

The crowds are not mistaken – Brenda’s delivers a solid, Southern comfort food for brunch.

Info: Brenda’s French Soul Food, 652 Polk Street, San Francisco, CA 94102 USA

Brenda's French Soul Food on Urbanspoon

Delightful Donuts: Ohlin’s Bakery, Belmont, MA

19 Oct

DSC01052When I was a kid, growing up in a dreary suburb of a giant metropolis, my dad used to buy a dozen donuts to brighten up some Saturdays.  We definitely had to get a whole dozen, since it wasn’t cost effective to buy just one.  Since I no longer have the metabolism of a nine-year-old, I rarely buy donuts at all – nevermind a full dozen. But when I saw that Ohlin’s Bakery had made several “best donuts” lists in the Boston area, I had to check it out.DSC01047

It took my husband and me at least 10 minutes to choose two from the wide array of donut offerings. Because Ohlin’s has no seating, we brought these two home:

The chocolate with maple drizzle

DSC01077Soft yet springy, with a yummy glaze that’s not too sweetOhlin's Bakery - chocolate with maple drizzleDSC01077The pumpkin donut

Ohlin's pumpkin donutPerfect for October!  It’s a “cake” donut, but very light and moist. As you bite into it, it falls apart in your mouth. Absolute heaven! DSC01070 Ohlin’s has a wide array of cakes, cookies, giant cinnamon rolls – you name it. But the next time I go there again, it’ll be hard to stay away from those donuts!


Ohlin's Bakery on Urbanspoon

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