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Confusing Cafe: Vicki Lee’s

9 Nov

My visit to Vicki Lee’s was one of my most confusing café experiences ever. On a sunny Saturday, in the middle of the afternoon (around 3 pm), my husband and I dropped by with the intention of enjoying a couple of lattes and sharing a snack – perhaps a tart or a slice of cake. The café itself is bright and inviting, with large windows opening up onto Trapelo Road.

When we stepped into the shop, my eyes immediately moved to the glass case filled with cakes, cupcakes and other small desserts. On top of the case were glass jars filled with different kinds of mouth-watering cookies. At the other end of the café was a coffee bar with tall stools. One patron sat there, enjoying a cup of coffee.

DSC01056A sign at the café entrance told us to “please wait to be seated”.  A server quickly approached and asked if we would be eating here. “Yes,” we responded, slightly taken aback as we had been expecting counter service, and the ability to seat ourselves. Once we sat down, our server delivered menus and looked surprised when we told her we would not be having lunch (it was 3 pm, after all). We only wanted coffees and a dessert.  I eyed the cakes and cookies at the counter only several feet away from me. They did not appear on the menus we had been given.

DSC01058“Could I have something from over there?” I asked our server, pointing to the display case. “Sure,” she responded, “I’ll bring over the dessert tray.”  I was dumbfounded – I could plainly see the yumminess available up front, there was no need to bring me a tray. She came back with a fancy tray of six desserts, the same ones from the menu. No cupcakes, cookies, or eclairs to be found. What kind of café doesn’t serve the desserts it shows off in a display case??

I settled on lemon pudding cake with basil puree ($6.50) because it sounded interesting enough, and it became pretty clear that they weren’t going to serve me any cookies on a plate.


The pudding cake was more pudding-like than  cake-like but did have a nice lemon flavor. It was a nice, light, dessert. But I couldn’t help but feel disappointed that this was not what I signed up for.

DSC01057As we ate the pudding cake and enjoyed our lattes, my husband and I saw one customer arrive and clear Vicki Lee’s of all their individual fruit tarts. They must have been tasty. I kinda wished that they had been an option for me to order.

If I do decide to come back to Vicki Lee’s, I’ll be sure to head straight to the counter to pick up something that I’ll have to bring home in order to enjoy.

Info: Vicki Lee’s, 105 Trapelo Road, Belmont, MA 02478, USA
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