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Great Mole, but Skip Everything Else – New Rebozo, Chicago

4 Jul

Based on good Yelp reviews and a recommendation from a colleague, hubby and I decided to check out New Rebozo. Let’s start with the highs of the dining experience. Or should I say the “high”, singular. That was the mole fiesta, a plate of six enchiladas each covered with a different mole sauce. From left to right: classic chipotle chocolate, pumpkin, cinnamon, macadamia, guava, almond. My favorites were the pumpkin and the chipotle. The guava was to sweet for me but my husband really liked it. Overall, a very rich, filling, beautiful, and delicious entree.


Now on to the rest: The guacamole was good, but overpriced at $10 for an ice cream scoop-sized serving. And , my husband’s famous guac is better.

New Robozo - guacamole


Shrimp ceviche was beautifully presented, but otherwise nothing to write home about.

New Robozo - ceviche


The chicken tortilla soup was beautifully presented, but odd – everything was arranged in the bowl, sans broth at first. And then the server poured into the bowl at our table…while the micromanaging chef/owner presided, providing additional instructions to the nervous server in Spanish. Somehow, the soup did actually pack some flavor, but it wasn’t really my style I prefer my own chicken tortilla soup recipe! (To be posted next week!)

New Rebozo - chicken tortilla soup

Speaking of the chef/owner – he greeted us as we entered the restaurant, and introduced himself again soon after we sat down. Hubby thought his white chef’s jacket was  too pristine – should it not be slightly stained from an evening’s work in the kitchen? But Chef was busy showing of menu items to us and other diners on a tablet. Certainly a tad unconventional but not a huge deal.

What was a bigger deal was the huge disappointment named Shrimp Tacos – the shrimp were overdone and rubbery, the tortillas were stiff and stale, and there was too much green sauce – perhaps an attempt to moisten the hard tortillas.

New Rebozo - shrimp tacos

Meanwhile, the chef/owner stopped by our table to check in with us constantly – Yes, we’re having a fine time, yes, the soup is fine, ok,  I already shook your hand three times already, and can I please just get back to a conversation with my husband?

So, at the end of our constantly-interrupted, meal, we weren’t really craving dessert. But by “Checking in” on Yelp, we could redeem a complimentary jalapeno ice cream.  It turned out to be a chocolate ice cream with a spicy kick. It was unique, but honestly, I’d prefer just a plain chocolate ice cream. I didn’t get much out of the spicy, burning sensation in my throat.


The Final Word: Overall, the moles were delicious, but everything else was forgettable – I’d certainly like to forget the strange service at this place. 


Info: New Rebozo, 46 E Superior Street, Chicago, IL, 60611 USA

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Trendy Seafood: Island Creek Oyster Bar, Boston

7 Sep

I‘d had my eye on the Island Creek Oyster Bar for a while, so we came here for my birthday. It’s got a trendy, yuppy-ish ambiance in the front with a large U-shaped oyster bar and several high-tops. Further back in the restaurant are the tables where a slightly older crowd and families were seated.  The mood was lively with lounge-like music in the background.

Island Creek Oyster Bar (ICOB) - oyster sliderWe started with oyster sliders (ordered individually) – yum!

ICOB - clam chowderThe clam chowder was fantastic – creamy, with tons of fresh clams

ICOB - bluefish cevicheBluefish ceviche.

ICOB - bassThe menu is constantly changing, but the fish entrees are all delicious, served with seasonal vegetables. I had the sea bass over shiitake mushrooms and baby bok choy.

ICOB - bluefishHubby had the bluefish over sweet corn, tomatoes, and a creamy sauce.

ICOB - donut shortcakeThe only disappointment of the night was dessert. Our server spoke highly of the donut shortcake, so we decided to give it a try. It was a stale, dry, plain donut topped with whipped cream and strawberries, surrounded by sweet cereal. It seemed like something a 5-year-old might make.

The Final Word: ICOB is one of my favorite places for seafood in the Boston area. I’m excited to see what creative entrees will be on the menu the next time I go. But I’ll stay away from the desserts!
Island Creek Oyster Bar on Urbanspoon

Info: Island Creek Oyster Bar, 500 Commonwealth Ave, Boston, MA USA

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