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Fantastic Beer, Misleading Food: Heist Brewery

28 Mar

In the middle of Black Friday, at a random time between meals (3 pm in the afternoon), my husband and I wandered into Heist Brewery for some drinks and to grab a snack. The place was fairly quiet and empty, and we sat in the main space.

He ordered the pint on the right – Wheat Me Baby, an easy drinking wheat beer.DSC01343

For Black Friday, Heist offered a flight of small batch beers with a coffee theme, like Nova’s Bakery Chocolate Caramel Truffle, a Russian Imperial stout (9.1% ABV) and the Central Coffee Ethiopian Guji, an American IPA (6.4% ABV).  Yum. Heist has some pretty fantastic and beers.


Now here’s the misleading food: Rosemary Parmesan tater tots

DSC01346As a side dish for $4, I expected enough tater tots to share. But there were only four to an order. Though they are delicate and flavourful, with made-from scratch shredded potatoes, they still felt like a rip off. A heist indeed.

We came back to Heist Brewery on a Saturday night. It was busy and incredibly loud due to a football game on the screens. The noise was on the verge of being annoying due to the repeated chanting and screaming of the fans. If you’re not a football fan, don’t go to Heist on game day.

Fantastic beer: I ordered another beer flight and discovered one of my favorite Heist beers: Cross-Pollen Nation, an American stout brewed with Belgian yeast. It’s smooth, with hints of chocolate and in my opinion, coffee, even though the flavours are supposed to be fig and plum.

DSC01364“Burger Burger Burger”

Misleading food: For our entrees (or so we thought), we each ordered “the Burger.” (priced like an entree). The server did not indicate that we would not be getting regular-sized burgers, but three sliders. I’m not sure if I was supposed to understand that from the name of the entree (“Burger Burger Burger”), but the description made no indication of mini burgers!

Still, these sliders were delish. I ordered the “burger” medium-well and my husband ordered his medium. Both our plates came out perfectly. The jalapeno jelly, creamy goat cheese, spinach, and little brioche buns made for some pretty gourmet sliders. Too bad they didn’t come with fries.

 DSC01357Salmon tacos on “sticky bun” shells beat my expectations:  Excellent marinated sashimi tuna on crispy Asian-style buns

The Final Word: Definitely come for the beer. The food is good but a bit pricey for the portion size.

Info: Heist Brewery, 2909 N. Davidson Street #200, Charlotte, NC 28205 USA

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Sam Adams Brewery Tour, Boston

22 Apr

On a gorgeous Saturday, I.M. and I headed to the Sam Adams brewery. Saturdays are known for being especially busy, so we arrived early – a little after 11:30 AM. We were given tickets for the 12:20 PM tour. The tour is free, but the brewery accepts donations for local charities.

The tour began with an entrance through this tunnel…

We munched on malt, and rubbed hops between our hands to bring out the aroma. Our tour guides presented a breif history of the company, and introduced us to how lager and ales are made. The Boston brewery is the smallest of the 3 Sam Adams breweries, but it’s the oldest, and it’s where all the recipe development takes place. There are a few fermentation tanks, only enough to supply kegs to Boston’s bars and the brewery’s own tasting room.

The hour-long tour ends with a stop in the tasting room, where we sit at long wooden tables, our attention focused on the small bar at the front of the room. We fill our 7 oz. sampling glasses (which we get to keep!) first with Boston Lager, then the Summer Ale, and finally a third, special beer brewed for this year’s Boston Marathon, and not available in stores! This tour was a great way to kick off the weekend!

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