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Coffee Shortlist: East and West Coast

21 Oct

Starbucks coffee lovers need not continue reading. This post is a shortlist of smooth, delicious coffees on both sides of the continent.

East Coast

New York City, NY
The City Bakery (3 W. 18th St.)
The aroma of fresh pastries and creamy hot chocolate in the middle of this bakery is so enticing. Ask for a 1/2-hot chocolate-1/2-coffee for a luxurious afternoon treat.

Boston, MA
Flour Bakery (12 Farnsworth St.)
Enjoy delicious coffee drinks on a relaxing patio near the Innovation District.

North Conway, NH
Metropolitan Coffee House (2680 White Mountain Hwy.)
Unexpectedly great coffee in cozy shop in this small, White Mountain town.

West Coast

Portland, OR
Mother’s Bistro & Bar (212 Southwest Stark St.)
Amazingly smooth French press coffee is served at one of Portland’s best brunch spots.

Vancouver, BC
49th Parallel (2152 West 4th Ave.)
Despite its bland, narrow, white and chilly blue decor, 49th Parallel is well-known among Vancouver locals for serving the city’s best coffee.

Squamish, BC
Galileo Coffee (173 Hwy. 99)
The coffee is great, but so is the view. This is the place for a morning coffee on your way to Whistler Mountain.

Leonidas chocolates in Vancouver!

29 Jul

Last summer, one of my favourite Belgian chocolate shops opened its first location in Vancouver, near the Convention Centre! The new store sells chocolates imported from Belgium, including creamy, melt-in-your-mouth truffles and a variety of pralines (my personal fave being a dark chocolate truffle lightly coated in crushed almonds). In Belgium, Leonidas makes delectable chocolates at a terrific price – you get a much better bang for your buck than shops like Godiva, and I think they taste better too. In Vancouver, Leonidas chocolates are a bit of a splurge, and the selection isn’t as enormous as in the Belgian shops. These six chocolates (priced by weight) set me back about $9, but they were very much worth it.

If you ever find yourself in Belgium, you can buy these by the kilogram!

Acacia Fillo Bar

3 Jul

Brunch at Acacia Fillo Bar (1103 Denman St., Vancouver, Canada): This casual cafe in Vancouver’s West End is small, and on the outside it doesn’t look like much. Inside however, it is bright and welcoming. Plates are nicely presented. I miss this place!

A generous portion of spinach burek, served with Mesclun salad and yogurt.

Eggs Benny served with potatoes, sausage, bacon, and Mesclun salad.

Best sign at a coffee shop

24 Jun

Cafe Crema, West Vancouver, BC

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