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German Food in the German Village, Columbus

31 May

During a recent trip to Columbus, my colleagues and I had to stop by the legendary Schmidt’s Sausage Haus in the German Village – it’s been around since 1886! On tap you’ll find several great German or German-style beers, including a house dark brewed by Elevator Brewing.



The Old World Sausage Platter is a nice sampler for four different kinds of sausage. The sausages were good, but not outstanding.

Old World Sausage Platter

Old World Sausage Platter

I ordered the Wiener schnizel – a great veal schnitzel with a choice of sides. I got potato pancakes with chunky apple sauce and vegetables, which turned out to be green beans and a medley of carrots. I appreciated the variety of carrots, but they were overcooked for my taste.

Wiener schnitzel

Wiener schnitzel

The pork shank was the highlight of the night. You won’t be hungry after eating this meal!

Braised pork shank

Braised pork shank

The strudel, like the sausage platter, was also good though not outstanding. It was full of large apple pieces but the crust was not crispy.

Apple strudel

Apple strudel

In case you didn’t fill up on pork shank and beer, there are always the giant cream puffs – no, they don’t just look big in my photo, they really are the size of a small child’s head.


An epic cream puff

IMG_20150423_220252640Overall, we had an enjoyable night out. Even if the food isn’t outstanding, it’s still solid. The atmostphere at Schmidt’s is upbeat (with live music on the Thursday night we went) and inviting. The building is on the National Register as a historic building too!

Info: Schmidt’s Sausage Haus, 240 E. Kossuth Street, Columbus, OH 43206 USA
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The Most Impressive Apple Strudel

25 Aug

I’ve never actually had an apple strudel while in Germany, but I had a slice after dinner once in nearby Czech Republic. It was very good….but not nearly as astonishing as the strudel I ate in Hong Kong.

Stanley is a touristy destination in Hong Kong, and the Victorian-era Murray House is one of its main attractions.  We decided to stop by the King Ludwig Beerhall at the Murray House for an afternoon snack. I really wasn’t expecting much from a German restaurant in such a touristy Hong Kong spot, but I was blown away. I ordered the apple strudel, which is intended to be shared by 2-3 people (or for one gluttonous American to devour alone).

Apple strudel

This two-inch high slice of strudel was jam-packed with apple slices, inside the perfectly crispy exterior. A yummy vanilla sauce filled the rest of the large plate.


Afternoon Tea Sets are very common in Hong Kong, and the Beerhall offered a Set for two. This included two savory snacks, two desserts, and two drinks.

Afternoon tea set at King Ludwig

Two small fruit-topped cheesecakes, part of the Afternoon Tea Set:


The Beerhall has ample outdoor seating with unobstructed views of the water. For a true “beer hall” atmosphere, however, head inside where you’ll find rows and rows of beer steins lining the bar.

King Ludwig Beerhall

I can’t speak for the rest of the menu, but when it comes to apple strudel, this beer hall can’t be beat!


Info: King Ludwig Beerhall. Shop 202, Murray House, Stanley Plaza, Hong Kong, China.

German Baked Apples

1 Dec

I can’t think of a better way to kick off December in Vancouver than the Christmas Market. If it’s holiday shopping you’re after, there is hand painted pottery from Poland, hand made Christmas ornaments, embroidery, soaps…. the list goes on.  If it’s your tummy that’s looking to be satisfied, there are Belgian waffles, artisan chocolates, Swiss raclette, German pretzels, mulled wine, and of course, baked apples! The classic baked apple is stuffed with raisins, walnuts and cinnamon, but the stall at the Market offers two other delicious variations ($5.50 each): an apricot-almond-honey apple, and the Black Forest apple, pictured below.  It’s a warm, cored apple filled with cherries, chocolate, and chocolate cookie crumbs, served with warm vanilla sauce.

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