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Boston’s Best Baklava and Pastries: Armenian Market & Bakery

1 Sep

Could this be the Boston area’s best baklava? Quite possibly. From the outside, the Armenian Market & Bakery in Watertown doesn’t look like much, on a side street across from the enormous parking lot of a second-rate mall, home to such fine establishments like Target, the Registry of Motor Vehicles, and the Old Country Buffet. But step inside the market, and you’ll find shelves full of spices, cheeses, filo pastry…and a counter full of house-made baklava.

Armenian Market - baklavaI had never been a fan of baklava…I found it to be overly sweet and sticky, getting my fingers dirty and getting stuck in my teeth. Until now. The Armenian Market makes their filo dough from scratch, so it doesn’t dry out, and they don’t need to add extra sugar to keep it shiny and pretty. Layers and layers of extra sugar are what make inferior baklava so incredibly sweet. One bite into a sample of the Market’s pistachio baklava and my husband and I were immediately sold. We bought several different pieces of pistachio baklava, a couple of the walnut variety, and a Nutella piece (the box of baklava above came to $7.66).

To be honest, I couldn’t tell the difference between the different pistachio pieces – they tasted very similar….but which is to say, they all tasted amazing. Flaky, delicate, and with just the right amount of crispness and sweetness. I could eat these all day long.

Armenian Market & Bakery

At the other end of the counter you’ll find delicious savory pastries.


The perfectly golden-brown pastry is a crispy, thin layer, surrounding generous amounts of spinach and cheese (above) or ground beef (below).


It’s worth making the trip out to Watertown for these goodies!

Info: Armenian Market & Bakery, 23 Elm Street, Watertown, MA, USA

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