Great Quality Sushi: Fish Market, Boston

21 Sep

My husband and I have been in search of good, affordable sushi from the moment we first moved to Boston. A new favorite is the Fish Market Sushi Bar in the Allston area of Boston.

Fish Market - avocado ballThe Avocado Ball appetizer won a “most memorable dish” award in 2010. Thin slices of avocado are wrapped around chunks of red and white tuna and diced cucumber, then drizzled with a light wasabi mayo and topped with flying fish roe. It comes with two mini spoons, making it a cute sharing dish for date night.

Fish Market SushiSalmon and maguro sushi above. The fish is terrific, and melts in your mouth. The rice is also good, and not packed too tightly. I really like their scallop sushi – two large rounds of scallop slices overhang the sushi rice. I could eat these all day long.

IMAG1572From left to right: kappa sashimi maki (wrapped in thinly sliced cucumber), spicy scallop maki, eel and avocado maki, spicy tuna maki topped with tempura bits, jalapeno twister maki, and rainbow roll.

Fish Market - White Tiger MakiWhite Tiger maki – tuna, cucumber and avocado wrapped in white seaweed. Unique and beautiful!

The sushi at Fish Market is a bit more expensive than at other restaurants, and the setting is definitely very casual. It would be difficult to seat a group larger than four people. Parking can be tough in the Allston area, so taking public transit is recommended. Nevertheless, Fish Market’s sushi is worth the drive!

Food: 5/5 | Atmosphere: 3.5/5 | Value: 4/5

Info: Fish Market Sushi Bar, 170 Brighton Avenue, Boston, MA 02134, USA

Fish Market on Urbanspoon

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