Authentic Chinese in Sarasota: Yummy House

21 Jun

With a name like Yummy House, this place could easily fade in with the plethora of Happy Family’s, Lucky Panda’s, or Asia Wok’s that serve greasy Americanized slop some people call “Chinese food.” But Yummy House is the real deal; its owners hail from Toishan, China. I’ve been to Sarasota several times now, and spending a few days in the town certainly gives the impression that there are no Chinese people around. That’s because they are all inside, at Yummy House.

IMAG1831Yummy House prides itself on its Salt and Pepper mix. We ordered the Salt and Pepper shrimp – lightly battered, large, fresh shrimp. Absolutely delicious!

bok choy and mushroomsShitake mushrooms over bok choy is a well-executed, classic dish.

IMAG1836Sizzling beef with onions in black pepper sauce // Eight Treasures Pot with scallops, shrimp, bbq pork, chicken, shitake mushrooms, and tofu.

IMAG1837There are a few dishes on the menu to please those looking for something more Americanized, like the chicken lo mein (Above photo, bottom left), orange chicken, beef and broccoli, and egg rolls // stir-fried chicken with vegetables (Above photo, bottom right). Most dishes hover in the $10-$12 range.

The menu is a manageable size – you won’t find yourself overwhelmed – but there is a good variety, ranging from sizzling plates, bbq dishes, fried rice and noodle plates, pork, chicken, fish, and lobster. Nothing is out-of-this-world, but every dish we had was solid.

The Final Word: Florida is not exactly known as a mecca for Asian food, but if you’re in the area with a hankering for authentic Chinese food, Yummy House is the place you need.

Yummy House on Urbanspoon

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