Suburban Sushi: Sono Asian Cuisine, Arlington

14 Jun

Always in search of new, good sushi places to try, my boyfriend and I made the drive to Arlington, MA to check out Sono Asian Cuisine. From reviews and photos we had seen, the maki rolls seemed good, and from the restaurant’s website, the prices looked reasonable, with special maki rolls hovering in the $11 to $13 range.

When we stepped inside, Sono’s decor – the dark brown bench seating, bluish lighting, and translucent lettering over the lower portion of the windows reminded me of Edamame in Watertown. I can see this place being rather cold in the winter. With only one door at the entrance, you will feel a gush of air when diners enter or exit the restaurant, no matter where you sit.


Above, from left to right:

1 – Samurai maki — spicy salmon and cucumber maki topped with kiwi and spicy scallops in mayo. Unfortunately, thought the scallops were described on the menu as “seared fresh spicy scallops,” they were chopped into such minute pieces and swimming in so much spicy mayo that your tongue could barely feel or taste them.

2 – Kiss The Fire maki — Spicy salmon maki topped with white tuna, yellowfin tuna, and a slice of jalapeno pepper, with a dollop of wasabi sauce.

3 – Rainbow maki – the usual suspects.

4 – VIP maki — Torched tuna maki topped with fresh scallop and avocado, served with a sweet sauce. The scallops were very seared indeed, ruining their delicate flavour.

Like Edamame, Sono Asian Cuisine has a penchant for finely chopped salmon in their spicy salmon. I prefer larger pieces of fish. The drink menu, like Edamame’s, includes a relatively long cocktail list for a sushi place, inviting more animated diners, if that’s the ambiance you’re looking for. There are enough similarities to make me wonder whether the two restaurants are owned by members of the same family.

Sono Asian Cuisine

The Cherry Blossom maki was actually the first roll that arrived at our table, and the best one of the night. The salmon, avocado and tempura crumb maki roll was topped with red tuna, and served around a seaweed salad.  Wasabi sauce with hints of cilantro and spicy mayo were dotted around the sushi pieces so that you could dip them into the sauces yourself. I really like that, because so many sushi places cover their maki with spicy mayo and I have to scrape it off.

IMAG2519The sake sushi was very good: salmon over perfectly cooked rice.


Above, from top to bottom:

1 – Hawaii Sunshine Roll — fresh mango, salmon, red and white tuna, imitation crabmeat, and avocado wrapped in rice paper.

2 – Eel and avocado maki — one of the better ones we’ve had in the Boston area!

3 – Negihama maki — with a good amount of fish. Overall, maki rolls at Sono have a very good fish-to-rice ratio.


The Final Word: Maki rolls can be hit or miss. Sono is a good place for sushi in the Boston area, but there are better ones out there.

Food: 3.55 | Value: 3.5/5 | Atmosphere: 3/5

Info: Sono Asian Cuisine, 471 Summer Street, Arlington, MA 02474 USA

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