Great Value Sushi North of Toronto: Toro Sushi

21 May

I‘ll admit, it’s been several months since I went to Toro Sushi in Markham, but I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while now. My boyfriend and I were craving sushi. When we asked my brother for suggestions, he mentioned that most of his previous “go-to” places north of Toronto had gone downhill. However, Toro had opened recently, and my brother had great things to say about his past visit there  – they were even treating guests to complimentary raw oysters! So my entire family packed into a car and drove off to Toro for lunch.

Like many Asian restaurants that try to do it all, Toro offers not just sushi, but also Korean food. Would its large menu pass the test?

Toro Sushi - appiesWe started with complimentary Korean banchan, which included cold glass noodles, kimchee, and bean sprouts. All were yummy. And yes, we got our complimentary oysters too – 2 per person! This place gets points for free appies!

IMAG1933My boyfriend ordered a lot of sushi, including several pieces of ngiri, which Toro served on this cute fish-shaped platter. Points for presentation!


IMAG1935Above: maki roll topped with chopped spicy scallop. Yum!  Points for a good selection of maki rolls!

IMAG1938My dad ordered the seafood pancake, which turned out to be a humongous pancake stuffed with seafood and veggies. It was definitely enough to serve at least 2 people. I would recommend sharing this as an appetizer rather than eating it all on your own as an entree…you’re guaranteed to get pancaked-out. But, it looks like Toro can deliver well on Korean selections as well.

IMAG1939Lunchtime bento box specials are a terrific deal. You can pick cooked items such as tender bulgogi beef, or fill your box with sushi and sashimi. In my box (above), I chose a yam tempura maki roll, mixed sashimi, and salmon sashimi – making for a whopping total of 16 pieces of sashimi! Even with help from my brother, I barely managed to finish my meal (letting sushi go uneaten would be blasphemous) and I was incredibly full afterward.

IMAG1941Service was attentive, and the waitstaff was impressed by the amount of food we ordered and managed to consume (my boyfriend and I get that reaction a lot). Toro gets extra points for generous portions and great lunch deals. I would definitely come back. In an upcoming trip to Toronto, I’ll find out if Toro has kept up their quality!

The Final Word: Toro Sushi has something for everyone, and will satisfy your craving for raw fish at affordable prices.

Food: 4/5 | Value: 5/5

Info: Toro Sushi, 8515 McCowan Road, Unit 9, Markham, Ontario,

Toro Sushi on Urbanspoon

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