New Sushi Spot: Edamame, Newton

1 Mar

I was so excited to discover that a new sushi spot has opened in Watertown! (Interestingly, their website is It is probably one of the few restaurants in this area that offers hibachi. Both times that I have dined here, patrons occupied the three U-shaped hibachi areas, entertained by teriyaki-flipping, utensil-juggling chefs. My guy and I however, come for sushi. With roomy dining room seating, free parking in the big lot out front, and a list of interesting cocktails, Edamame is a good casual date spot.

Salmon Girl - spicy salmon maki, salmon sushiThe Salmon Girl entree comes with miso soup and a standard lettuce salad with miso dressing. The plate includes 8 pieces of sake sushi and a spicy salmon maki roll that’s yummy, but made with chopped salmon. Spicy chopped salmon or tuna seem to be a theme at Edamame, making an appearance in many of the maki rolls. While tasty, I would prefer larger pieces of fish.

tuna dumplingTuna dumplings are a beautifully presented and unique creation. However, they are difficult to eat, as the thinly sliced tuna struggles to hold together the avocado filling when you pick up the dumpling with chopsticks. Also, strawberry sauce in the dumpling made it too sweet.

imag1867The rainbow roll and the eel avocado roll

IMAG1868Scallop sushi

IMAG1870The Samurai maki might be presented differently, perhaps depending on the chef’s mood that night. This time, maki pieces are served in a circle around a blue LED light. Maybe a bit kitschy, but it doesn’t change the fact that this is one of our favorite rolls at Edamame, with chunks of salmon, red, and white tuna, topped with white tuna and (surprise!) spicy chopped salmon, a slice of jalapeno and a dollop of spicy mayo.  Though a photo of the Samurai roll is shown prominently in the menu, it’s not actually listed. So don’t forget to order this one!

Pink Lady rollThe Pink Lady roll is one of the few disappointing maki rolls. For the price, I would expect a bit more. The description sounds interesting – salmon, yellowtail, eel tempura, cucumber and asparagus wrapped in a soy sheet – however, it is difficult to taste the eel, and the soy sheet does not hold each maki piece together very well.

Sweetheart RollThe Sweetheart roll is a bit better – tuna, salmon and avocado in a heart shape, but in general I think the shape takes away from the maki. The rice separates the different components, and the thin heart shape makes each piece a bit flimsy. I’ll stay away from such rolls during my next visit.

IMAG1986Eel avocado roll, rainbow roll, tuna sushi, salmon sushi, scallop sushi.

The Final Word: Another good option for sushi in the Watertown / Newton area though it has a propensity for chopped fish.

Food: 3.5/5  | Atmosphere and service: 4.5/5

Info: 171 Watertown Street, Watertown, MA 02472 USA

Edamame on Urbanspoon

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