All-You-Can-Eat Thai and Japanese in Toronto

18 Jul

Spring Rolls - AYCE sushiI remember when I first discovered Spring Rolls as a student – cheap noodle or rice dishes for lunch, under $10, in a long, rectangular space on Yonge Street. Soon, a larger location at the Atrium on Bay opened, with a much more upscale feel. Only recently did I discover that Spring Rolls now has an AYCE option.Spring Rolls - yakitori

The all-you-can-eat menu is impressively large, with Japanese, Chinese and Thai options. But, they can be a hit or a miss.

Hit: yakitori chicken skewers came as a plate of four small skewers, the perfect size as part of an AYCE meal. On the other hand, the satay chicken skewers were huge! They were grilled perfectly though. I only wish that the peanut sauce was better – it tasted like a slightly watered down chunky peanut butter.

Spring Rolls - Satay chicken with peanut sauce

Miss: Pad Thai was mushy, cloyingly sweet, with an unnatural red hue. No tangyness that I would expect from a Thai dish.  Actually I was surprised at how bad it was, given that I had always thought of Thai noodles as being Spring Rolls’ “thing”.

Hit: Sushi is definitely a good deal. There is a lot of variety and not too much rice on the maki rolls. Solid execution, for an AYCE place.

In terms of the Chinese menu items, we tried the siu mai and the shrimp dumplings. Both were decent, and though the “wrappers” of the shrimp dumplings were a bit thick, they encompassed a good amount of shrimp.

Hit: The ambiance. The Atrium on Bay location has lots of large, comfy booths. Service was friendly and our food arrived at a good pace.

The Final Word: Nothing will amaze you but Spring Rolls is a good standby, and reasonably priced ($23 for AYCE dinner, $25 on weekends). Plus, free parking in the evenings at the Atrium on Bay makes it an easy place to go for dinner downtown, if you’re driving. For me, if I’m picking up tired and hungry travelers from Billy Bishop Airport, Spring Rolls is a good option.

Spring Rolls on Urbanspoon

Info: Spring Rolls at Atrium on Bay, 40 Dundas Street West, Toronto, Canada

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