Pretentious: Clink @ Liberty Hotel, Boston

14 Oct

I haven’t quite figured out the Liberty Hotel – Walk up to the entrance and you’ll find two men in period costume chatting with each other and getting in your way as you try to enter the building. My boyfriend and I arrived on a rainy Friday evening, in search of a late dinner. Having just returned from a business trip, he was dressed in casual business attire and had a small suitcase with him. That combination enabled us to enter the building without too much hassle. We quickly saw signs enforcing a dress code, and a cluster of decked-out yuppies hovering around some sort of coat-check table. I worried that my dark jeans wouldn’t pass muster. Luckily, the bouncer blocking the narrow escalator was distracted by a too-casually dressed man, and my bf and I snuck behind him, pulling along our suitcase. At the top of the escalator, we found ourselves in the midst of a loud, sparsely populated bar. A hotel bar aspiring to be a nightclub. Two levels of balconies looked down upon us. I quickly realized that my heels were neither high enough nor pointy enough, and my clothes revealed too little. My bf’s now-seemingly ridiculous suitcase seemed to attract some stares. Perhaps because we had made it this far anyway, the hostess at Clink let us into the restaurant and we were quickly seated. We sat near the back of the restaurant where it was quieter and we could actually have a conversation.

Bread was served warm! And our entrees were tasty, if slightly overpriced. My pappardelle with lamb ragu was hearty and delicious, topped generously with fresh shaved Parmesan.

My boyfriend’s chicken was beautifully presented and served with a mini chicken pot pie.

However, side dishes were underwhelming, despite their outrageous price tag ($9-$10 each). I could barely taste the truffle salt in the mac n’ cheese. The apple raisin pie ($10) was also a laughable disappointment. The small tart was just about crying out for more apple pieces.

The bottom line: Visit Clink solely for the novelty of dining among old jail cells. While the food is decent, you can’t help but feel slightly ripped off. And, while Clink’s second floor dining room is comfortable and elegant, getting from the hotel’s front door to the restaurant can be a pain in the ass.

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