New England Lobster Rolls

23 Sep

If you’re on the hunt for lobster rolls, you’ll find plenty of “Top 10” lists raving about what’s best. Quite frankly, all the rolls I’ve tried taste pretty much the same. It’s just lobster meat tossed in a little bit of mayo, served in a hot dog bun cut a little funny. The only difference is how much lobster is packed into that bun, and how much it will lighten your wallet.

Surprisingly, one of the better deals I’ve found is the roll from the Lobsta Love Truck – pictured below on Moody Street in Waltham, but I’ve also visited it near Harvard University, Cambridge, and downtown Boston on the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway. At $15, it’s packed with large chunks of lobster meat.

Barnacle Billy’s (Ogunquit, ME) serves slightly smaller lobster rolls for a whopping $18, but you get to chow down right in the heart of touristy Perkins Cove. Their ice cream is probably a better deal – those servings are very generous.

At the Lobster Shack at Two Lights (Cape Elizabeth, ME), I was rather disappointed to see such a sad, small, portion of lobster on the lobster salad. And, the paltry crab roll certainly made Lobsta Love’s roll look that much more generous:

But you don’t go to this particular lobster shack looking for great value. You go for the view of Maine’s beautiful rocky coast. And that is how you find a great lobster roll – one that comes with unique dining experience.

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