Sam Adams Brewery Tour, Boston

22 Apr

On a gorgeous Saturday, I.M. and I headed to the Sam Adams brewery. Saturdays are known for being especially busy, so we arrived early – a little after 11:30 AM. We were given tickets for the 12:20 PM tour. The tour is free, but the brewery accepts donations for local charities.

The tour began with an entrance through this tunnel…

We munched on malt, and rubbed hops between our hands to bring out the aroma. Our tour guides presented a breif history of the company, and introduced us to how lager and ales are made. The Boston brewery is the smallest of the 3 Sam Adams breweries, but it’s the oldest, and it’s where all the recipe development takes place. There are a few fermentation tanks, only enough to supply kegs to Boston’s bars and the brewery’s own tasting room.

The hour-long tour ends with a stop in the tasting room, where we sit at long wooden tables, our attention focused on the small bar at the front of the room. We fill our 7 oz. sampling glasses (which we get to keep!) first with Boston Lager, then the Summer Ale, and finally a third, special beer brewed for this year’s Boston Marathon, and not available in stores! This tour was a great way to kick off the weekend!

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