Good sushi in Jamaica Plain: JP Seafood

29 Jan

JP Seafood, Jamaica Plain

The Boston area is not known for its sushi. I’ve been aching for sushi ever since I moved here from Vancouver about a month ago but I’ve been warned that anything worth eating will be very expensive. I set off anyway in search of reasonably priced and reasonably tasty sushi.

JP Seafood is decorated as if it used to be a family-friendly fish and chips joint. In fact, fish and chips are on the menu! I ventured out to Jamaica Plain because this restaurant got great reviews online. Of course, you really can’t take the advice of typical Bostonians when it comes to Asian food. After all, they think that crab rangoon is actual Chinese food. (I wouldn’t even call that food).

Take-away lesson #1: If it contains cream cheese, it’s not real Asian food.

Unfortunately, JP Seafood does serve some maki rolls with cream cheese. That is a great way to ruin sushi! Apart from this travesty, JP Seafood delivers pretty good sushi if you stay away from the cheese.

Thumbs up: The spicy tuna roll and the Naruto roll (pictured) were my favourites. The rolls had a good amount of rice (not too much), and servings of tempura shrimp were fairly generous. The Naruto roll is wrapped not in rice, but in a thin cucumber sheet that complements the salmon, giving it a nice, crunchy freshness.

Service was friendly and prompt, and although the restaurant was full, seating was comfortable.

Thumbs down: Rolls containing BBQ eel were a bit stingy on the eel.

The simpler maki rolls are about $3-6 each, and the fancier ones like the Naruto are about $9. A meal for two consisting of 8 rolls, one beer, and one melon saketini ($8) came out to $90 after tax and tip.

Conclusion: I would definitely return to JP Seafood, but I’m not abandoning my search for the best sushi in Boston just yet!

Jp Seafood Café on Urbanspoon

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