Great Beer, Snobby Service: The Alibi Room

15 Aug

A couple weekends ago I went to the Alibi Room in Vancouver’s Gastown district to enjoy a few craft beers with friends. My previous experiences at this restaurant had been terrific, however this time didn’t quite measure up. We were relegated to the basement level, and the hostess seemed annoyed that we asked to be moved to the main, upstairs area when space became available. “Downstairs” at the Alibi Room is like sitting in a second-class train car. The rows and rows of beer taps on the wall beside the bar are impressive, but many of the beers served upstairs are not served downstairs. There is also no table service downstairs.

Upon relocating upstairs, our mood was instantly brightened as we could now settle down and order our food. The burger was delicious, with a juicy, beer-infused patty. The mezze plate was plentiful, though perhaps a bit overloaded with olives. I ordered a “frat bat” – for $11, you get mini glasses of any four beers of your choice, presented on a wooden “bat.”

If only the service was as good as the food and drink. Our waitress appeared to try her best to avoid us. Four women seated nearby left the restaurant in frustration after having been completely ignored. Almost immediately, not just one, but two waitresses swarmed the table to clear the untouched glasses of water. It seemed as though the staff only wanted to serve certain patrons, maybe? Sadly, although I appreciate the great beer selection, I don’t think I will be back to the Alibi Room any time soon.

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